Mr. Ravensdowne

A dapper well mannered Englishman of indeterminate middle age and subtle menace.


Very little definite information is know about Mr. Ravensdowne. What is know is that he is well dressed, well mannered, well traveled, well connected, well financed and completely dedicated to fighting the spread of fascism in the world. He pursues his cause by recruiting, financing, and directing a cadre of covert operatives. Whether his efforts are sanctioned by the Crown or a personal crusade is unknown and largely irrelevant as he and his agents are fighting a war so deep in the shadows that only the participants have a clue their battles take place.

Some one meeting Mr. Ravensdowne would be forgiven for taking him for simply another wealthy globe trotting English dandy. Few look closely enough to see the steel in his eyes and fewer still have heard that steel enter his voice.

Mr. Ravensdowne

The Disavowed Magmoo