Saqr "Rick" Goff

A male in his late 20's standing about 6' with the looks of an officer that doesn't want to be in the military


Scion of Horus
Languages:English, Arabic, French

Saqr’s childhood was one of travel. Originally from egypt, his mother decided to head back to america after his father disappeared and she assumed that he had left them. She was originally from America, but traveled to egypt for adventure and eventually met someone and became their wife. When she returned she made sure that Saqr would be able to function in the american society but not forget where he was from so she renamed him Rick, but kept talking in both english and arabic to him. This continued until she eventually remarried and had another child in which she felt it would be rude. His mother told him about his father and eventually he decided that when he would turn 18 that he would attempt to find the man. On the dawn of his 18th birthday he packed a bag and found a ship headed to egypt, barely leaving a note stating that he has to know more about his background. After a few years traveling and investigating, he finally found some leads and found the man that resembled the picture that his mom had had. He confronted the man and eventually attempted to attack him. After a few misses, and punching through some things that he knew he shouldn’t have been able to as easily, the man told him to stop. They discussed at length everything but Saqr had trouble believing. It wasn’t till he was told to hold something that he felt something new. He attempted to pull off the act his dad wanted him to and once he succeeded he was a believer. After that he understood much more about his father and had to question much more about himself. Horus since then has been a guide at times, helping Saqr to move on with life and control much more of his powers. He gave him his birthright items and told him that he would discover powers of them eventually, but helped to learn some basics. He doesn’t hold a grudge against him, but rather holds him in high regards as someone who protects and hopes that he can live up to his lineage. His father gave him a mission for his life from then on “Protect those that can’t protect themselves.” Saqr took this as his new life goal, and set out to find out the best way possible to accomplish this.
Being part of the French Foreign Legion they attempted to guide his view, but his knowledge of the nations involved in the war are limited. He knows that the germans are preparing something and as the time passes, he feels something bigger on the horizon and hopes that he can do something to prevent it. He was an officer in the French Foreign Legion before meeting Mr. Ravensdowne, debating reenlistment or going off and using his skills for something greater. It was during this time he meet Ravensdowne in the middle east when an attack broke out. Saqr put his life on the line and protected as many people as he could. He didn’t think about anyone watching and used his strength from his lineage and stopped a majority of the attackers. Ravensdowne witnessed and offered “Rick” a job.
He agreed because he was promised that he could help more people than he ever could in the service. He took up the offer and grabbed his trusty rifle, pistol, and a chest that contains all the items his father had given him, and strapped them onto a bike that he decided to liberate from the base.

Saqr "Rick" Goff

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