Agent X (Nadia)

Anonymous Soviet Spy


Scion of The Citizen


Str 2 Cha 2 Perc 4
Ep0 Ep0 Ep0
Dex 4 Man 3 Int 3
Ep 1 Ep0 Ep 1
Sta 3 App 2 Wit 4
Ep 1 Ep0 Ep 1

Trick Shooter
Holy Fortitude
Teaching Prodigy
Social Chameleon


Academics 2 Integrity 2 Politics 1
Awareness 3 Investig 3 Survival 2
Athletics 3 Larceny 2 Stealth 3
Brawl 2 Marksman 3
Fortitude 2 Melee 2

Darkness 2 Civitas 1
Psychopomp 2 Justice 1

Relic 3 NKVD badge (Dark, Psychopomp, Civitas) Nkvd
Relic 1 handgun (Justice)
Followers 1 (spy network/informants)

Conviction 3
Duty 2
Endurance 3
Valor 1

Legend 3
Willpower 6


She was recruited by the NKVD in her teens. She was mysteriously taken directly out of the orphanage, possibly facilitated by divine intervention. At one point early in her career, she was picked up by a more secretive partition of the organization. She was disconnected from the main system, and given more freedom in what missions she took.

As one of the more senior agents put it ‘it is our job to be paranoid’. They needed someone in every part of the world that was engaged in this conflict. The Citizen explained his view of the situation and some vague predictions about Germany turning on Russia during his visitation. She was pointed in the direction of Mr Ravensdowne and his crew. Officially because nobody knew exactly what he was doing, unofficially she was drawn to the divine ichor of a group working toward goals and with ideals parallel to that of The Citizen as well as her own.

Dominique Esprit – French – Gradeschool Teacher
Maria Cuervo – Spanish – florist

Agent X (Nadia)

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